Washington - 3 Phases - 13 Week Block

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Wanna increase those PRs? Ready to see some real gains with a structured strength program? 

WASHINGTON has been designed to work with your current training - if you're into the sport of fitness.


Do it on its own. There's plenty of work in there for you get through each week.

Player's choice!

Welcome to WASHINGTON:

  • 13 weeks of specific, strength-focused programming
  • Fluctuating intensity and volume
  • 3 distinct phases of training
  • Heavy weightlifting bias for snatch and clean & jerk
  • Designed to increase your PRs
  • Combination of weightlifting, accessory, speed & power work
  • Each day's programming is written so you know exactly what weights you should be hitting for YOU and when
  • The JD Training Co. Mini RPE guide (Rate of Perceived Exertion) - a gamechanger when it comes to your daily training