Tokyo - 4 Week Block

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2 Days per week Beginner Weightlifting Block

TOKYO is a Beginners Weightlifting Program designed for the novice lifter to find some structure and refine their lifts...

Specifically the snatch and clean & jerk.

This is for you if:

- you want to improve your lifting technique and exposure to the snatch + clean & jerk


- you're a coach/PT that has a client wanting to begin Olympic Weightlifting but you're not sure where to start with a program

What you'll get with TOKYO:

  • 2 days of programming
  • Focus pointers for each move
  • Designed for the beginner to follow for 3-6 week
  • Access to me (Jake) as your virtual coach

TOKYO is a training program that gives you exposure to the movements while helping to refine your Olympic lifting technique.

TOKYO isn't a strength phase. Although, you may find that you'll increase your lifts following this.

This is simple yet effective - 2 sessions of lifting per week that is designed to help you refine technique and iron out some bad habits!

Remember, focus on the technique first. The weight will come...