JDTC Nutrition E-Book

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This is the JDTC Nutrition E-Book. Alongside training questions the next most common questions i get all revolve around nutrition. This E Book is a 25 page summary of my nutritional protocols.

What you'll find inside:

  • Training vs Competition Nutrition
  • My supplement protocols
  • Marco & Mirco nutrient information
  • Example foods for Training & Competing + What i actually eat during competition
  • Example Meals & Recipes
  • PLUS a stack more information on my beliefs and practices over the years.

I really believe this little book could be the perfect start to someones nutritional transformation. I am completely transparent through this book. NO bullsh*t, NO fads just real things i do EVERYDAY. 

DISCLAIMER: Personally i hold NO formal nutrition education I have created this E-Book along side with my sister/ nutritionist who holds a masters in human nutrition and she has given me all these protocols over the years!