Houston - 4 Week Block

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HOUSTON, we have lift off!!

HOUSTON is a 4-week block for the intermediate to advanced lifter, designed to have you peaking your lifts on the 4th week!

This is a great block to use as a realisation phase. Or, use it as a gauge on where your numbers are at after some time off. 

HOUSTON combines a cool mix of programming methodologies to give you fun, progressive and interesting 4 weeks of training. 

HOUSTON is going to keep your body guessing what's coming next... the perfect example of how effective movement variation can be used. And to highlight just how well progressive overload works!

After 4 weeks, you're going to be feeling super confident with your lifts and the numbers you can hit.

Inside HOUSTON you will find:

  • Programming for 3 days per week, 4 unique weeks
  • Workout briefing notes
  • Mini RPE Guide
  • Access to me (Jake) as your virtual coach

Ready to come along for the ride?!